As more and more homes invest the time into preparing their own meals, having both the know-how and the right tools is becoming increasingly important. At Eurostoves, the passionate cook will find everything they need...from live AGA demonstrations to expert pastry making, from cookbooks to corkscrews...we have it, and so can you!

Magefesa Super Fast Avant 4.1 Qt Pressure Cooker Magefesa Stainless Steel Star 10.5 Qt Pressure Cooker
Our Price: $39.99
Our Price: $209.99
Magefesa Super Fast Avant 4.1 Qt Pressure Cooker Magefesa Stainless Steel Star 10.5 Qt Pressure Cooker
Encapsulated bottom provides fast and even heat distribution for excellent cooking results. Energy efficient reduces cooking times by up to 70%.
European style progressive lock system. Preserves more vitamins and minerals. Saves up to 70% on energy.
Perlick Signature Series 24" Refrigerator Revol Belle Cuisine Classique Square Baking Dish 12 1/4 oz.
Our Price: $32.99
Perlick Signature Series 24" Refrigerator Revol Belle Cuisine Square Baking Dish
Call for pricing and order details! 978-232-0007

Perlick's 24" Signature Series Refrigerator brings the luxury of undercounter refrigeration to any room of the home. Available in both door and drawer models, these units boast 5.2 cubic feet of storage space. Door models come standard with two (2) black vinyl-coated full-extension pull-out shelves, making it easy to stock and retrieve items. Drawer models are tough enough to stand up to 200 lbs. of weight, and are deep enough to accommodate milk gallons and Corona bottles. Enjoy precise temperature control thanks to Perlick's exclusive Variable Speed Compressor and RAPIDcool™ forced-air refrigeration.
  • Available with solid stainless steel door, solid wood overlay door, stainless steel glass door, wood overlay glass door, stainless steel drawers or wood overlay drawers
  • Refrigerator rated for both food and beverage storage
  • Includes two (2) full-extension pull-out shelves (drawer models excluded)
  • Drawers are deep enough to accommodate milk gallons and tall bottles
  • Product capacity is 16 wine bottles (750 ml.) and 41 cans (12 oz.) - 5.2 cubic feet total capacity
  • 5.2 cubic feet of capacity
  • Adjustable Crisp White™ and Cool Blue™ LED Lighting
  • Refrigerator temperature 30° - 42°F (factory set to 38°F)
Shock-resistant and nonporous, your Belle Cuisine pieces will be your culinary companions and enhance your dishes for many years to come.
Magefesa Due Praga Frittata 9" Pans Hurom Premium Slow Juicer HH Pearl White
Our Price: $54.99
Our Price: $449.95
Magefesa Due Praga Frittata 9" Pans Hurom Slow Juicer HRM0030
This frittata pan will allow you to prepare wonderful frittatas and omelettes without using a plate. Heavy carbon steel construction heats fast and evenly giving both sides a perfectly brown finish. Pans can be used separately for sautéing, frying or making crepes.Dishwasher and oven safe to 250-300ºF.
Join the Juice and Smoothie Revolution with the new Hurom Premium Slow Juicer/Smoothie Maker HH in Pearl White. An upgrade on the classic Hurom HU model, this fantastic new "do-it-all" machine isn't just a juicer. Its wealth of new features have made the original design even more versatile and a true must-have kitchen appliance for the health conscious. The HH series boasts a large Tritan magnetic safety bowl with measuring scale, Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap which are paired with two different strainers, a Fine and a Coarse strainer. These new purpose-designed parts make it possible for you to create smoothies, purees, baby food, to juice or blend frozen fruits, create blended mixed drinks, and make frozen treats, in addition to making the freshest juices you've ever tasted.

Using the same great patented Low Speed Technology System as the original Hurom, the Hurom HH operates at a slower speed than traditional juicers and uses just 150 watts of energy to provide you with fresh, delicious juice that won't oxidize or degrade as quickly as juices made with high speed juicers. This Low Speed Technology allows you to juice wheatgrass and leafy greens, along with citrus, and other fruits and vegetables with ease. In conjunction with the new Pulp Control Lever, Juice Cap and Fine and Coarse strainers, it is also now possible to make soymilk and nut milks, smoothies, blended drinks, frozen drinks, slushies, baby food, and purees all with the same machine.

The Hurom HH Slow Juicer/Smoothie Maker's powerful low-speed AC/Induction motor is quiet, durable, and energy efficient, so it's even kind to the environment. It also comes with two nesting BPA-free pitchers to catch pulp and juice, a recipe book, a cleaning brush, a pusher, a cleaning pipe, a dust cover for the hopper for clean storage, and an advanced self-cleaning feature for quick and simple clean up. This combo juicer/smoothie maker really is the only appliance you'll need to boost your intake of fresh fruits and veggies and enjoy a healthier, more plant-based diet. 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Motor, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Parts.

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