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Gurgling Gator - Alligator - Crocodile by Wade - Gluggle Jug
Gurgling Gator - Alligator - Crocodile by Wade - Gluggle Jug

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The Gurgling Gator is here! Available is 36 oz or in mini size. 

Product Details

  • Wade Ceramics is a market leader in the design and production of high quality
  • earthenware and porcelain products and the world leader in the design and
  • supply of porcelain flagons for the international distilling industry.


  • Glug Glug Jugs

  • were originally made by Thomas Forester & Son in Staffordshire in
  • the late 1870’s.  However, most people will associate these
  • jugs with Dartmouth Pottery, who originally produced a fish shaped
  • water jug which they called ‘Gurgling Fish Jugs…..a novelty which
  • always attracts attention’.

  • A

  • special pair of jugs were made in 1958 for presentation to the Queen
  • and Prince Philip on their visit to
  • Britannia
  • Naval
  • College to
  • present New Colours.  The Commanding Officer of the college
  • commissioned the jugs which were 9” tall, glazed green and embossed
  • with the Royal insignia and the date 28th July 1958.  This gift
  • undoubtedly helped the popularity of the jugs, and they became great
  • collector’s items.

  • Gurgling jugs

  • were intended for use as water jugs – they inherited their name due
  • to the sound they made when liquid was poured out.  They were
  • also used as advertising items by breweries, and over the years
  • hundreds were made to advertise ‘Plymouth Gin’.

  • When Dartmouth Pottery closed in 2002, Wade
  • Ceramics had the opportunity to buy the fish jug mould and have
  • continued to produce the jugs since then.  Up until now the
  • jugs have mainly been exported to the
  • US,
  • however, Gluggle Ltd. hopes to resurrect their popularity in the
  • UK.

  • Gluggle Ltd. was established by Rosie Granger
  • and Jane Joyce in 2009.  Gluggle Ltd. has the exclusive right
  • to sell and market these jugs in the
  • UK
  • on behalf of Wade Ceramics Ltd. (Est. 1810).  Gluggle Ltd. in
  • association with Wade Ceramics has developed a range of brand new
  • colours which gives the jugs a more contemporary feel.

  • Both Rosie and
  • Jane believe passionately in the product and want everyone to enjoy
  • ‘Gluggle Jugs’ as much as they do.

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