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AGA Gas Ranges, Cookware & More

Aga ranges and cookware have long been synonymous with good food and is as enduringly popular today as it was innovative at the time of its invention 80 years ago. Available in 15 stunning colors, Aga gas ranges are as stylish as they are functional and make a real statement in any setting. Beneath the classic looks of every Aga is a heart of cast iron: the entire cooker is an outstandingly efficient energy storage, steadily transferring the heat from its core into its ovens and hotplates. An Aga stove is always ready to cook instantly and there are no switches and dials because the Aga looks after itself. Aga cooking is simple and stress-free, even when you`re entertaining. The Aga is available in Traditional, Legacy, and Total Control models. To experience a live Aga demonstration, call (877) 232-0007 for an individual customized cooking demonstration just for you.

AGA Legacy 36" & 44"

The Aga Legacy 44 offers 60-inches of pro-style cooking performance in a 44-inch package. It can bake, broil, steam, stir fry, roast and boil all at the same time...and look good doing it too, with these signature features: More moderately priced than most 36-inch professional ranges, the Aga Legacy 36 gives serious cooks something new to look at. No other professional range has this much functionality in such a small footprint. CLICK HERE for further details.

Traditional AGA Range

The classic 4-oven Aga range is the flagship of the Aga line. Based on a proven design of more than 80 years, the 4-oven Aga provides a truly unique and rewarding cooking experience. With 4 radiant-heat ovens, two hotplates and a warming plate this Aga has unmatched flexibility and cooking capabilities. Just like every Aga stove before it, the 3 Oven Aga is designed to complement your way of life perfectly. Dependable radiant heat in each of its three cast iron ovens makes any kind of cooking even more of a pleasure. And because the 3 Oven Aga is designed to cope with even the busiest families, it's easy to find room for Aga in your kitchen and your life. If you ever want even greater flexibility, simply add the specially designed Aga module to the side. Altogether, the choice of the 3 Oven Aga, with or without module, makes cooking the Aga way easier than ever. The 2-oven Aga cooker provides a truly unique and rewarding cooking experience. With 2 radiant-heat ovens and two hotplates this cooker was designed to accommodate even the busiest of families. CLICK HERE for further details.


AGA Cookware

The Aga Cookware Collection offers an extensive selection of wonderful cooking accessories to enhance any kitchen. Our design specialists have created everything your kitchen needs from cast iron and stainless steel Aga cookware to bakeware, ceramics, cutlery, and even Aga linens. Aga Cookware has been designed for use with Agas with features such as thick bases for maximum performance on the plates. Aga-designed pans with flat-topped lids to allow stacking in the Simmering Oven. However Aga cookware performs beautifully on any gas or electric range. Eurostoves carries the full line of Aga cookware, available to purchase online! CLICK HERE for further general information please call 877-232-0007.

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