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Experience a better way to cook. Cast iron baking, roasting, and slow cooking ovens surround food with radiant heat and lock in moisture. Boiling and simmering hotplates are large enough to accommodate large stockpots and multiple pans.

Most kitchens are littered with smaller appliances taking up valuable space. Not so in an AGA kitchen. That's because an AGA Cooker can do the jobs of many of your smaller kitchen appliances, and better too. A toaster, electric kettle, and even your tumble drier could be a thing of the past. Apart from helping you to multi-task so efficiently, you can save energy and space in your kitchen.

All our cast-iron cookers are hand-crafted at our Coalbrookdale Foundry in Shropshire, England, a world heritage site and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Then, hand-sprayed in vitreous enamel at our Telford factory - a process that takes three days to complete. The end result is a gleaming, deeply glossy, enamel finish.

There is a wide selection of colors in the AGA palette, so you're sure to find one perfect for your kitchen. From the classic Cream through to sleek Pewter, there's something right for your space, whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen.

Try before you buy here at Eurostoves. If you are interested in purchasing an AGA Cooker we welcome you to come in and cook on ours first. Buy your AGA Cooker here at Eurostoves and receive free AGA cookware.
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