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AGA City,24 Cast Iron Radiant Range
AGA City24 Cast Iron Radiant Range

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Product Code: AGACITY24
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The new AGA City24 is everything you would expect from an AGA just wrapped in a smaller package! At just 24 inches wide it is the perfect range to accommodate kitchens with limited space and high standards.

Crafted from quality cast iron like all iconic AGA ranges this unit employs consistent radiant heat technology locking in moisture and enhancing your food's flavor.

The AGA City24 is pre-set to different heat settings using electric elements embedded in the cast iron ovens and under the hotplate. This multi-function range has two ovens with roasting, baking and slow cooking capabilities and a dual-setting hotplate which boils and simmers.

Comes in 15 different colors: Aqua, Lemon, Rose, Black, Pearl Ashes, Pewter, Cream, Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Aubergine, White, Heather, Duck Egg Blue, Pistachio, Claret
Product Details
  • A Smart Solution for Compact Living

  • Always had room in your heart for an AGA but never enough space

  • in your kitchen? Well now you have!

  • Combining classic cast iron radiant heat and iconic style, the

  • new AGA City24 is a smart solution for compact living spaces. This
  • free-standing range is the perfect solution for any kitchen. Place
  • two AGA City24 ranges side-by-side and double the fun! Expand your
  • cooking experience without having to expand your kitchen.

  • The latest addition to the new generation of AGA ranges, the AGA

  • City24 was built with energy efficiency and space-saving solutions
  • in mind. It is easy to use with one knob to control the hotplate
  • and another to control the ovens. The AGA City24 is available in 15
  • colors.

  • How it Works

  • The AGA City24 is easy to use and has been designed with

  • convenience in mind with one knob to control the hotplate and the
  • other to control the ovens. The ovens are controlled independently
  • of each other and of the hotplate.

  • How the Hotplate Works

  • Designed with a powerful heating element the hotplate can be set

  • to either boil or simmer mode. Around the outside of the actual
  • hotplate is an additional cooking space. While using your hotplate
  • to boil foods this additional cooking space serves as a location to
  • simmer foods or simply keep them warm. Quick and efficient, when
  • turned on the hotplate reaches boiling temperature in 11 minutes
  • and is ready to simmer in 8 minutes. This dual temperature hotplate
  • may work independently of each oven.

  • How the Ovens Work

  • Use the control knob to turn the top oven on/off and set to

  • either baking or roasting. The same knob will also control the
  • bottom slow cook oven which provides a consistent temperature
  • perfect for slow cooking foods brought to temperature on either the
  • hotplate or roasting oven. Each oven may work independently and may
  • also work in conjunction with the hotplate.

  • It's Electric

  • The latest addition to the new gen-eration of AGA cast iron

  • ranges, the AGA City24 was built with energy efficiency in mind. In
  • place of a single heat source, each cooking zone has its own
  • electrically heated cast iron element. The separation of cooking
  • zones gives you the ability to control the area you choose to heat.
  • Continue to receive the many benefits of radiant cast iron heat all
  • the while content knowing your kitchen can accommodate the 24" or,
  • if side-by-side, 48" width. The versatility of each oven and
  • hotplate, their capacity and color options make this range a must
  • have for every home!

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