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AGA Three Oven Dual Control
AGA Three Oven Dual Control
AGA Three Oven Dual Control

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AGA Three Oven Dual Control


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Product Details
  • Money Saving Technology

  • The AGA Dual Control ranges offer everything you love about the

  • traditional AGA cooker with added flexibility and reduced running
  • costs. Not only does the AGA Dual Control range use the same
  • indirect radiant heat as a traditional AGA cooker, it will provide
  • up to a 30 percent savings in operating costs because you may now
  • simply turn it off.

  • The AGA Dual Control ranges have been designed with simplicity

  • of use and energy savings in mind. There is one control to operate
  • both hotplates and another to operate the individual ovens. If you
  • require additional cooking space, the AGA Dual Control 5-oven model
  • offers a third control which operates the additional two ovens and
  • warming plate.

  • The AGA Dual Control Gas model requires an external venting

  • system located in the rear of the range. The AGA Dual Control
  • Electric model requires an in-room low level vent located atop the
  • AGA between the hotplates. A separate AGA range hood is
  • recommended.

  • AGA Dual Control - Natural Gas

  • Traditional AGA Cooker owners regularly express their love and

  • devotion for their AGA! It is no doubt the AGA's radiant heat, constant warmth and
  • dependability is a welcoming addition to their home. But what do
  • you do if your AGA requires shutting off during the warmer months
  • or when less cooking is required? Ever wish you could operate the
  • hotplates separate from the ovens?

  • The new generation of AGA cast iron ranges give versatility

  • without sacrificing a long standing heritage of quality
  • craftsmanship. The new Gas AGA Dual Control range offers cast iron
  • radiant heat and now has the ability to turn the ovens off all the
  • while enjoying the use of your hotplates. Even better, each
  • hotplate operates independently or simultaneously with a simple
  • turn of a dial.

  • Dual Control Electric

  • Like the gas model, the Electric AGA Dual Control has two

  • hotplates - a boiling plate and a simmering plate - which can be
  • turned on and off and operated separately or together using a
  • multi-function control.

  • The roasting, baking and slow cook ovens can be dropped down to

  • a new energy-saving "slumber mode" lowering energy costs while
  • still providing comforting warmth. The benefit to having a slumber
  • mode is you may bring your range to full cooking temperature in
  • just a few hours. A Heat Indicator serves as a guide to the amount
  • of stored heat within the AGA cast iron indicating when your range
  • is ready-to-use or if in slumber mode.

  • How the Hotplates Work

  • Behind the top left door sits a small dial which operates the

  • boiling and simmering plate - either independently or
  • simultaneously - using one multi-function control. The powerful
  • heating element works fast making the boiling plate ready for use
  • in 11 minutes and the simmering plate ready in 8 minutes.

  • How the Ovens Work

  • As with the Traditional AGA Cooker, the cast iron ovens are

  • indirectly heated from a single heat source. The heat is then
  • conducted across each oven in exactly the correct proportions to
  • provide the ideal cooking temperatures for roasting, baking,
  • simmering, slow cooking and warming. This unique technology
  • provides radiant heat which locks in moisture, natural flavor and
  • goodness every time you cook!

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