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Butter Bell Crock Butter Keepers

Butter gets so hard in the refrigerator that it rips up your bread trying to spread it, but keeping your butter unrefrigerated isn’t safe. Or is it?

Now there’s a way to keep your butter fresh, safe and spreadable without refrigeration for up to a month. Ditch the butter dish and try the original Butter Bell. These durable butter crocks are made from stoneware or dolomite clays. There’s no odor or spoilage; just fresh, creamy, delicious and spreadable butter whenever you need it.

The unique design actual enhance your butter’s flavor, too. There are many colors to choose from, including some antique variations. Butter Bells contain no toxic lead or cadmium.

Butter Bell crocks are made by a family-owned company dedicated to bringing old fashioned kitchen tools, house wares and decorative ideas back to life in a modern world. Today’s Butter Bell is the result of years of improvements on their very first product based on the original French butter keeper, called a beurrier.