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We do not merely manufacture appliances. Rather, we meticulously design, engineer and then handcraft every item we put our logo on, all in the state of California. We make seamless appliances that perform efficiently and last for generations. This is because our brand of engineering goes beyond the application of science alone. We also apply a timeless artistic quality accompanied by our high criterion for excellence.Our company was built on the innovation of its founders and endures today on the ingenuity of its successors. Everyone in our company keeps that tradition alive, as we are a dynamic group of individuals, who inspire and motivate each other constantly. We believe the whole of our company, is truly greater than the sum of its parts. For us, respect is an axiom. We respect our customers as savvy, intelligent consumers, nothing less. We also respect the natural world by constantly striving to be conscientious with our use of resources. We hope one day our competitors will follow that lead and help ensure a cleaner world and sustainable earth for our future generations.We never settle and we never grow idle in our pursuit of a better product.This passion for what we do is fired by a high standard of engineering precision and an intense creative spirit. Every appliance is made to reflect the unique personality of its owner and the progressive soul we have endowed it with.

There are several new projects in the Capital product pipeline, as Surjit strongly believes that the future growth of any company is dictated by their investment in Research & Development. That’s the Capital Heritage Story. It’s fair to say that the heritage stories of the other Professional Quality Appliance Manufacturers would only be able to date back to the time when Surjit Kalsi created the first Professional Quality Range in 1985 and founded DCS in 1988.
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