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EVACO Covered Sauce Pan 2 quart
EVACO Covered Sauce Pan 2 quart

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Product Code: ES418-BC

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The Sauce Pan is pressure-cast in one solid piece with and extra heavy
base.  The base if machined flat to facilitate heat transfer from
electric and ceramic stove-tops.  The unique base grooves enhance
heat-absorption from gas flames. The pressure-cast aluminum vessel
cannot warp and the pan may be cleaned hot off the burner.  Heat
conduction is always rapid and perfectly even.  "Hot spots" are
impossible in this pan.
EVACO/CAST pans are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing and material defects for 25 years from the date of original purchase. If service is required please contact EVACO/CAST service toll free at 800.782.2738 or email us at info@evacocast.com
Product Details
  • Ceramica-ART Non-stick Surface
  • pans have a unique non-stick surface that is made from sand &
  • ceramic. The glass-like surface provides outstanding food release and
  • durability even after many years of use and offers several important
  • advantages over PTFE-based non-stick coatings. The Ceramica-ART
  • non-stick has no components in common with PTFE-based non-stick. Our
  • non-stick is 100% inorganic and is made from sand, rock and ceramic that
  • has been refined to a high degree of purity. The non-sitck surface
  • contains no petroleum based elements. When you use EVACO/CAST ES-series
  • pans you are cooking on a glass surface. The non-stick surface itself
  • tolerates nearly twice the heat of PTFE-based non-sticking coating. On
  • the stove, any cooking temperature is fine, but remember, the Bakelite
  • handle on the pan will not tolerate direct flame contact.

  • non-stick is produced under a South Korean patent. Pans with
  • Ceramica-ART were first launched in Japan in 1990 and this extraordinary
  • non-stick system has since undergone numerous technical improvements.
  • Today Ceramica-ART ranks as one of the finest inorganic non-stick
  • systems in the World. Ceramica-ART is safe for food storage and aerosol
  • cooking sprays and tolerates far higher cooking temperatures than
  • PTFE-based non-stick. No odors, fumes or gases are released at any
  • cooking temperature.

  • superb heat conduction of EVACO/CAST permits cooking at lower
  • temperature than is possible with most other cookware and you will find
  • that the low to medium temperature settings are the most frequently
  • used. On the stove, the pans tolerate any cooking temperature. However,
  • be sure that flames do not reach the handle. In the oven, do not use
  • temperatures higher than 360 degrees Fahrenheit as otherwise you may
  • damage the Bakelite handle. The pans are ideal for gas, electric,
  • ceramic and halogen ranges.

  • non-stick is designed to provide many eyars of superb food release.
  • Even the largest and dirtiest pan is cleaned in seconds. Most cookware
  • needs to cool off before cleaning. Not so with EVACO/CAST pans. you may
  • clean your EVACO/CAST pan hot off the stove. The pan cannot warp and
  • the enamel will not crack due to immersion in water. EVACO/CAST pans are
  • also dishwasher safe. In the dishwasher, be sure that the handle does
  • not get close to the heating coils.

    For maximum non-stick
  • performance, we recommend that the pans are cleaned after each use. A
  • few drops of soap, hot water and a soft brush will do the job.

  • PTFE (non-stick) pans rely on the softness of their silicone component
  • to release food, whereas EVACO/CAST ans rely on an ultra-dense and
  • smooth cooking surface to provide food release. To maintain the
  • effectiveness of EVACO/CAST non-stick you should avoid using abrasive
  • pads and sharp spatulas for cleaning.

  • non-stick surface of the rim is especially exposed to scratching and
  • chipping if your pans are stacked without a "cusion" between them.
  • Although scratches/chips on the rim do not affect the performance of the
  • pan, you may want to avoid such damage with careful storage.

  • recommend tools made from plastic, wood or silicone. Knives, spatulas
  • and metal tool with sharp edges should never be used. Quality stainless
  • steel whisks are permitted if not used aggressively. Rotary beaters and
  • electric beaters should never be used.

  • remain cool on the stove and tolerate oven-heat to 360 degrees
  • Fahrenheit. On gas ranges, be sure that flames do not reach the handle.
  • If a handle becomes loose, tighten the bolt with a screwdriver. In case
  • of handle damage, please contact your dealer or contact EVACO?CAST
  • Service toll free at 800.782.2738 for replacement parts.

  • most common reasons for sticking problem are: failure to clean the pan
  • with soap between uses and cooking on too high heat. The above
  • circumstances will cause a layer of carbon to form on the pan's surface
  • which can usually be removed by following the below procedures:

    If a soft brush and soapy water do not work, we recommend that you try the following:

    Thick layer of food particles / grease:

  • the pan with water and add liquid dish washing soap. Rub off the food
  • particles using a poly (plastic) mesh sponge such as "handi Scrub" by
  • DAWN. Do not use metal sponges. Afterward clean the pan using a nylon
  • dish brush and soapy water.

    Alternative method: Fill the pan
  • with water and add several table spoons of baking soda. Let the mixture
  • simmer on the stove. The carbon particles will begin to flake off in
  • small pieces. After the carbon has been broken down, clean the pan in
  • hot soapy water with a soft brush. Do not let the pan boil dry during
  • simmering.

    Thin film of burned on grease: Rub the spot with a
  • moist, soft sponge using baking soda. Do not use abrasive or metallic
  • scouring pads. When the spot is gone, clean in hot soapy water with a
  • soft brush. Remember, EVACO/CAST pans are very energy efficient and heat
  • up to full cooking temperature very rapidly. The pans are designed to
  • perform efficiently on low to medium heat. The pans will tolerate high
  • cooking temperatures, but when cooking on high, we recommend that you
  • grease the pan.

    Before first use. Clean the cookware in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry. You are now ready to cook.

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