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Q – I have a gift card and am trying to purchase online.
A – Gift card and certificates need to be redeemed either over the phone or in the store.
Q - I am inquiring as to whether or not you host private kids cooking lessons. My daughter is having a small celebration for her tenth birthday, and she loves to cook and bake. Any chance she and two friends can have a lesson with you.
A – Yes we do offer private lessons. Click here to learn more.
Q - Looking to do a cooking party for a girls’ soccer team. Approximately 11 12 year old girls
A – Yes we do private cooking parties for sports teams. Click here to learn more.

Q - I have a 6th grade (11 & 12 year olds) Girl Scout troop. I am looking for information about a class that they could take.

A – We do offer private parties for Scout troops. Click here to learn more.

Q – I have a gluten allergy. I was wondering if you could recommend some classes that could be easily modified.

A – We are aware that many people have decided either by choice or have dietary restrictions to gluten. We can suggest certain classes that could be adjusted to accommodate your restrictions. We also offer Gluten Free cooking classes. See our class calendar.

Q - My 12 year old is interested in taking cooking classes; do you have anything available after school or on weekends?

A – Yes most of our kids/teens classes are offered after school and on weekends. Click here to learn more.

Q - I was curious about hosting a birthday party for my fiancé in May. Could you give me some information regarding a dinner party please? How many people could you host and how do we determine a menu etc..

A – Yes. Click here to learn more about a hands on experience or a more relaxing evening.

Q - I was wondering if you have gift certificates for sale that I could purchase for my husband and then have him choose a cooking class to take?

A – Yes we offer gift cards for any denomination. They are then mailed physically to you or whomever you like. Make sure you indicate what you would like to say on the card if sending it directly to the person.

Q – A small group of us would like to attend a Friday night class can we bring spirits with us?

A – Eurostoves has a wine/ale liquor license so you cannot bring your own spirits. We do offer a variety for sale during the event.

Q – We have not taken a cooking class before and is it ok if we have only basic cooking skills?

A – Our motto is “We Make the Home Cook Better”. We welcome those who have little or no skills in the kitchen. We are passionate about teaching you to cook and eat healthier.