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Welcome to Eurostoves The Culinary Center - Who is who at this awesome company.

A well-loved stove and a passion for cooking sparked the beginnings of Eurostoves and a commitment to bringing the best culinary tools to America's home cooks.

flagship European product line is the venerable Aga range. Famous for its unique cooking process, Aga has transformed cooking and lives all over the world.

Alongside Aga, Eurostoves is also very proud to carry Capital Culinarian, America's finest residential range. Unparalleled in quality or performance, Capital appliances make most other brand name ranges pale in comparison.

As more and more homes invest the time into preparing their own meals, having both the know-how and the right tools is becoming increasingly important. At Eurostoves, the passionate cook will find everything they need...from live AGA demonstrations to expert pastry making, from cookbooks to corkscrews...we have it, and so can you!

Store Location:
4583 Highway Nine O Three
Bracey, VA 23919

Contact Number
Tel: (978) 810-4038

Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm

Our store is conveniently located on Highway Nine O Three in Bracey, VA. Exit 4 off of I-85 toward the lake. One mile on the left next to the Log Cabin home.

Meet the Staff

Karen Callahan

In 2004, Karen Callahan launched Eurostoves, a unique hybrid of culinary center, gourmet cooking store and appliance dealership on Boston's North Shore. Dubbed, 'a culinary dreamland' by loyal customers, Eurostoves has truly been a labor of love for Karen. Stocking the best and most functional appliances and cooking tools and boasting a full schedule of cooking classes, private parties and corporate team building events, it is Eurostoves' mission to make the home cook better.

Eurostoves has been featured in the Boston Globe, Yankee Magazine and on New England Cable News' popular food program TV Diner. It has been named Best Kitchen Store by North Shore Magazine multiple times.

A Virginia native, Karen enjoys golfing and spending time with her six children and seven grandchildren.

Trevor Lawson
Director of Operations

In 2004, Trevor Lawson launched Eurostoves, a unique hybrid of appliance dealership, gourmet cooking store and culinary center on Bostons North Shore. Eurostoves has been featured in The Boston Globe and on New England Cable News popular food program TV Diner. It was also named best kitchen store by North Shore magazine. In 2011, Trevor launched Valiant Sales and the Modern-Aire Designer Program. The program focuses on partnering with interior designers and architects to create custom ventilation systems for their clients with an equal emphasis on functionality and aesthetics while offering an unprecedented, industry-leading profit margin for the designers.

A UK native, Trevor makes his home on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Though his business endeavors keep him very busy he enjoys traveling with his three sons and plays golf whenever he gets a chance.

Former Massachusetts Employees at Eurostoves
Chef Edward Lisi

Sarah Falkanger

Bryan Jalbert
Culinary Instructor

Aldonna Linares
Culinary Instructor

Chef Jeremy Guyotte
Culinary Instructor

Chef John Chiavacci
Culinary Instructor

Chef Jim Demotses
Culinary Instructor

Sharon Donovon
Culinary Instructor

Chef Pamela Morose
Culinary Instructor

Laurie Vigna
Culinary Instructor

Chef Tom Johnson
Culinary Instructor

Bette Bell
Chef Assistant/Chef Instructor

Susan Lacey
Chef Instructor

Ravi Kumar
Culinary Instructor

Chef Laura Tyrrell
Culinary Instructor

Carol Harlow-Carlson
Culinary Instructor

Ishbel Donegan
Sales Assistant

Michael Page
Shipping and Receiving

Vivien Mattei
Class Assistant

Pam Wark
Administrative Assistant

Chef Liz Walkowicz
Culinary Instructor

Chef Alexandra Ricciuti

Dan Orell
Chef Instructor

Gloria Baskt
Chef Instructor

Joanne Leary
Chef Instructor

Lars Liebisch
Chef Instructor

Lisa Foster-Somers
Chef Instructor

Peter Bakun
Chef Instructor

Renita Mendoza
Chef Instructor

Stacey O'Brien
Chef Instructor

Karen Callahan and Rick Bayless

By Jennie Oemig
Posted Oct. 16, 2014 @ 5:10 pm
Corporate team-building activities have become a popular tool to help boost morale and strengthen relationships among office staffs.
Recently, employees from PayChoice in Danvers showed up at Eurostoves in North Beverly, put on their aprons and manned their cooking stations in a very unique bonding experience.
The group collaborated to produce a fresh farm stand-style meal they would later sit down and enjoy together. Included on the menu were pulled chicken sandwiches with cherry barbecue sauce, a ceviche cocktail, steak with watermelon salsa, goat cheese pizza, herb-stuffed tomatoes and desserts made with fresh summer fruit.
"It’s very much hands-on," explained Raquel DaSilva, director of marketing and corporate events at Eurostoves. "We want them to do it themselves and if they find themselves in a bind, they can ask us for help."
Dawn Elliott and Alana Zhilkov were in charge of making the cherry barbecue sauce for the pulled chicken sandwiches.
Though she admits to never having made barbecue sauce before, Zhilkov said she was enjoying the experience with her peers.
"I think it’s good to get outside the office and do things together," she said. "It builds relationships."
Elliott, on the other hand, said she had made barbecue sauce in the past, though she’d never used cherries.
Dan Plakans was one of the people in charge of making the steak and watermelon salsa. Half way through the process, he said the experience had been a lot of fun.
DaSilva explained that companies choose their menu for the evening and the Eurostoves staff sets up the cooking stations with necessary ingredients.
"We’re able to customize the experience," she said.
When the corporate team members show up at the Culinary Centre, they simply look over the recipe and get cooking.
"We have so much fun," DaSilva said. "It’s such a good thing to do off-site with coworkers … rather than just going out to dinner."
The staff prepares appetizers for the guest chefs to enjoy, along with wine and beer, while they prepare their meals.
As an added bonus, DaSilva said the corporate cooks don’t have to do the dishes.
In addition to cooking parties, corporations can sign up to have their employees take part in competitive cooking events. Attendees are given a mystery basket of ingredients and are asked to make the best dish they can with what they have.
"It’s definitely a great time," DaSilva said.
Eurostoves also hosts private cooking events for birthday celebrations, retirement parties, recruiting functions, special dinner parties, bridal showers or holiday gatherings.
The 2,000-square-foot kitchen at the Eurostoves’ Culinary Centre is chock full of everything someone would need to prepare a four-course meal.

Eurostoves to Host Community Bake Sale for Cancer Research

September 2014

Eurostoves will proudly host a bake sale in support of Cookies for Kids' Cancer, a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to funding the development of less toxic, more effective treatments for children battling cancer.

The bake sale will be held on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the store's location at 45 Enon St in "Beverly, (Rt 1A) in Commodore Plaza. There will be homemade goodies and Halloween confections as well as cookie decorating. Adults and kids of all ages are welcome!

"We are determined and privileged to support this worthwhile cause for childhood cancer research that is so near and dear to me and my family." says the store's owner, Karen Callahan. "At 16 months, my daughter Brooke was diagnosed with a malignant sacrococcygeal teratoma. Our family is blessed and fortunate, as she will celebrate her 25th birthday in a few months! We encourage everyone to support Cookies for Kids' Cancer and give to this notable cause!"

Donations can be made online to the store's fund fundraising page on the Cookies for Kids' Cancer website:

19 places to get a taste of summer in April

OK, campers, rise and shine, and dont forget your booties, cause its co-o-ld out there today! says the radio DJ over and over again in the 1993 Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day.The movie is set in Punxsutawney, Pa., but it could've been Massachusetts amid this years wintry temperatures, which seem like Groundhog Day itself in the film never ending. For those hungry for a sunny beacon of hope, here are some spots that offer a sweet taste of summer, even if the calendar says April.

lisa poole/file 2011

Chicken cutlets with basil parsley sauce at a Eurostoves cooking class.


Enough with steamy soups and heavy stews, and mashed parsnips and baked potatoes. Turn your kitchen into a festival of fresh summertime flavors with the new recipes you’ll master at a local cooking class. Take the lineup at Eurostoves (45 Enon St., Beverly, 877-232-0007,, $75 per person, $150 per couple for a three-hour class), where themes include “Spring Dinner Party” (you’ll make dishes like spring pea soup, a veggie torte, and champagne cake), “Springtime Baking,” “Girls’ Night Out Caribbean Dinner Party,” and a pre-Mother’s Day parent-child cooking class (90 minutes, $49 per parent/child pair for “Parent-Child Cooking Fun With Mom.”)

Camps range from cooking classes to hip-hop

Cake-decorating at last year’s Eurostove summer classes for kids and teens.


Cake-decorating at last year’s Eurostove summer classes for kids and teens.


Eurostoves’ 2014 summer cooking classes for kids and teens

Held at Eurostoves, Commodore Plaza, 45 Enon St., Beverly

Contact: 877-232-0007;

Dates: June 30 to Aug. 29; rotating schedule of weekly themes. Classes from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; for ages 8 and older. Students may register online, by phone, or in person for one or two classes, a week of lessons, or several weeks.

Registration: Cost is $75 per class, per child. Registration open as long as space is available.

Description: This is the 11th year that Eurostoves has offered summer cooking classes for kids and teens; classes have a minimum of six students and a maximum of 14. Summer program features four themes: baking; international; culinary school basics; and fun and favorites. A two-day cupcake workshop and a separate two-day cake decorating class also offered. Food allergies may be accommodated.

Susan, Trevor and Karen from the Jumper Classic.

Hand wash stemware, then set it on this absorbent mat - Food & dining - The Boston Globe 1/16/13 9:28 PM

TV Diner with Billy Costa

(TV Diner) - Eurostoves culinary director Liz Walkowicz has everything you need to know about winning a brand-new, professional, Capital Culinarian Range that will take your kitchen from ordinary to exceptional. See the interview by clicking the link below:

Cooking classes at Eurostoves in Beverly

Eurostoves is one part retailer of high-end ranges, like the English-made AGA and the Italian Bertazzoni, one part retailer of kitchenware, with shelves brimming with gadgets and utensils, and one part . . . mmm, cooking school.

Photos by Lisa Poole

Juliette Darmon and Erica Wark of North Andover at the cooking class with chef instructor Alexandra Ricciuti.

The Beverly store holds hands-on classes ($75 for 3 hours) almost every evening and weekend day in its culinary center. Local chefs teach a variety of small group classes, with topics such as knife skills, Mexican and Thai cooking, cake decorating, and more. "We teach people techniques and not just how to read a recipe," says Liz Walkowicz, chef instructor and culinary director at Eurostoves, who, among many things, once cooked in restaurants in Switzerland.

One recent evening, eight participants attended Eurostoves Italian class. In red aprons, they chopped, braised, sauteed, and rolled dough for pasta and pastry; they made a fig, caramelized onion, and goat cheese topping for flatbreads they had prepared earlier; and they learned Bolognese sauce, which some were eager to master.

"Id like to serve a sauce at home other than Ragu," says Betty Laiacano of Gloucester. When it was over, everyone shed their aprons and sat down to savor what they had labored over. And they didn't have to wash a dish. Eurostoves, Commodore Plaza, 45 Enon St., Beverly, 877-232-0007877-232-0007

© 2011 The New York Times Company


Tuscan chef brings skills to Garden City

Published: August 19, 2009
BEVERLY” When it comes to cooking, Italian chef Mariella Lencioni knows her way around the kitchen, and her country. Hailing from the small Tuscan town of Lucca, Lencioni will create meals designed to bring out some of the best flavors of her region, during cooking demonstrations at the Eurostoves store in Beverly's Commodore Plaza.
"I chose very typical meals," she said, "with the most important ingredient in Tuscany." That would be faro, a whole-wheat grain. "You don't need so many things to make a good meal," she said, "but you need quality ingredients." She actually packed some faro in her luggage, along with her knives and some cookware, but it got lost at Logan Airport. She's made do with borrowed equipment, but she hopes her suitcase will be returned in time to prepare a five-course, family-style feast on Sunday ($100 per person) and hold community cooking classes tomorrow and next Friday ($90 a head for each class). Lencioni is the first of many Italian chefs who will fly to the area once a month to do cooking demonstrations. The opportunity is through la Pentola di Rame, a company founded by Carleen Haylett of Boston. Haylett's spent the last two years studying at a world-renowned cooking school in Italy and worked at respected restaurants under the tutelage of Italy's top culinary talent. And now, she's bringing them to the States. "The program is about bringing to Americans very high-quality chefs," she said. The name of her company translates to "the copper pot," a staple of top kitchens. But it's about more than just the food. "It's not only their cuisine, but the culture and experience of what it's like to share a meal in Italy," Haylett said. "It's something more than what you're eating. It's a tradition. With every meal, there's a story there."

Staff writer Cate Lecuyer can be reached at clecuyer@salem

Cate Lecuyer/Staff Photographer - Carleen Haylett, left, arranged for Italian chef Mariella Lencioni to hold cooking demonstrations at Eurostoves in North Beverly's Commodore Plaza.

Young Danvers student is culinary whisk kid

By Myrna Fearer/
Fri Aug 21, 2009, 11:42 AM EDT

All seven-and-a-half-year old Katie Dawe wanted to do during her summer vacation was to take cooking lessons, and she got her wish several weeks ago when she was enrolled for two weeks of classes at Eurostoves in North Beverly. "You get to eat what you make," said Katie, a second-grader at the Smith School. "One day we made cinnamon rolls and half-moon cookies. They made at least a dozen dishes everyday," said her mom, Keelin Dawe, outgoing chairman of Family Festival. "Several groups of children made different things," she said. "I didn't have to make lunches for two weeks. I like to taste," said Katie, with a big smile that showed off spaces where her second teeth are just beginning to come in. " I liked all the tastes."Thursday morning, Katie was busy in the kitchen showing off the skills and techniques she mastered during classes where she was the youngest student in the 7- to 11-age group. "I didn't care," said the young chef. "I learned the techniques. I learned how to cut with a smaller knife and then I used a big knife." Much to her mom's chagrin and the reporter's amazement, this petite youngster, who stood on a stool to reach the counter, minced onions with a Julia Child-size chef's knife and with almost the same skill. No matter how you slice, chop or grate them, chances are the juices will make your eyes water. Katie, however, had the cure for weeping eyes. "You take a paper towel and wet it with cold water," said Katie, showing off a folded-up towel that became a compress, which she then held to each eye to stop the tears.

This particular morning, Katie had decided to prepare dinner for the family, choosing a favorite soup she made in class. Katie's choice was a complex Italian Wedding Soup with many different ingredients. "I made it in class and it tasted realty good," she said. She had enlisted her mom as prep cook. "I do what Katie tells me to do," said Dawe, who never really cooked growing up. "I do like to bake. I make great chocolate chip cookies. Once the onions were minced, Katie prepared to cut up the escarole and flat Italian parsley. Though mom was ready to chop it up haphazardly, Katie had her own technique. "You fold it up," said Katie, taking leaves of escarole and concentrating on folding them as carefully as if they were something precious. "Then you take the knife and cut it up." Voila, there were lots of small pieces ready to toss into the pot of liquid heating up on the stove. The liquid was supposed to reach a rolling boil before the cold ingredients could be added and slow it down.

Then came the fun part making the meatballs.
While mom tore the bread into small pieces, Katie put ground beef and ground pork into a bowl. In it went the ingredients to make the meatballs while Katie mixed them by hand, careful not to overwork the meat and toughen it. "This is my favorite part," she said with a big grin adding only that the meat was still cold. "I once made 40 meatballs in class." The meatballs were shaped with a little help from mom, who followed Katie's lead. Two large cookie sheets of meatballs went into the oven Katie preheated. They needed 10 minutes to pre-cook so they wouldn't fall apart in the soup, where they would finish cooking. Within minutes, a delicious odor filled the kitchen. When the timer went off, the meatballs found themselves in the chicken broth along with the escarole. Katie carefully whisked eggs and cheese in a bowl and slowly added the remaining ingredients to the boiling liquid after about eight minutes of cooking time. After adding the proper seasonings, the soup was ready for the cooks to taste. "Oh Katie, it's divine," Keelin Dawe said. "Everyone's going to love it." And they did, that night. P.S. There was even enough left over for another meal.

It's chili inside Feb 5 cook-off to benefit Ham-Wen football team
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